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Conserving Resources. Improving Life

INFRAMAT is a leading producer and distributor of Galvanized Pipes, which is mainly used in the fabrication of roofing structures for homes, building and industries. As this is the fore-most important material for these infrastructure usages, we put ourselves as an infrastructure materials company, hence the name– INFRAMAT.

INFRAMAT believes that companies that monitor and measure their practices with an eye toward the environment will become better companies and stronger competitors. With the usage of INFRAMAT pipes, we and our customers are putting their bit in conserving our resources.

INFRAMAT’s employees are passionate about the Galvanised Pipes we make. We pursue opportunities for growth by taking our processes and products to new markets, introducing new products to regions where we have a presence, and continually improving our services to ensure that GP pipes supplied by INFRAMAT are second-to-none.

From the roofing and fencing structures that guide your way, to commercial and industrial structures that protect your home and business, INFRAMAT improves lives everywhere. Within a very short span, INFRAMAT has spread network to complete Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Vijayawada, Goa and the coastal belt of Karnataka and has established itself as a brand to trust and to look forward to.


  • Promises must be kept.
  • Combined with the latest technology we come very close to keeping all of ours.


You name it, we have it.

As INFRAMAT is centrally focussed towards manufacture and supply of Galvanized Pipes/ GP pipes/ Pre-Galvanised Pipes for the infrastructure needs of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Vijayawada, and Karnataka. We produce a complete range required by the customers. We endeavor to maintain stocks for all the items, so the complete requirements of customers are met in each and every order.


Words that Count.

Our manufacturing set-up being in close proximity to Kerala state and further, our already established network of galvanized pipes distributors in all over South India allows us to distribute all our pipes as quickly as possible anywhere in the state. Short turnaround times on our pipe manufacturing mills enable distributors to rely on us for on-time delivery.


Time is all there is. Don’t waste it.

INFRAMAT satisfies the need for galvanized pipes in Kerala market by taking on the role of both a Galvanized Pipes/ GP pipes/ Pre-Galvanised Pipes manufacturer as well as a stockist of a wide variety of galvanized Pipes.

Short lead times are one of our main goals and we have regular rolling’s on both standard and custom length GP Pipes. This awareness lives vividly in daily life at INFRAMAT and it shows in the speed of our response.


We’re not perfect. You’ll hardly notice.

As the quality of our raw-material, that is Galvanized Coils, is the foremost criteria to produce a quality product, we ensure that we use 100 % JINDAL (JSW Steel) make Galvanized coil only. You will find INFRAMAT logo on each and every pipe because we know that the customer can rely on us for consistent quality, each time he buys. Our customers can vouch for the result.

INFRAMAT is passionate for quality of our GP Pipes. We take all stringent measures to ensure that best quality product reaches our customers.


Words don’t get lost.

Besides INFRAMAT’s standard and stocked lines of round, square and rectangular galvanized pipes, we are also able to assist customers by providing special shapes and sizes according to their design and preference.

Galvanized Pipes or GP pipes can be rolled to length for a customer. INFRAMAT stocks a wide variety of material that the galvanized pipes and hence distributors or customers can save the cost of maintaining huge inventories.


Not a Stranger to Your Industry.

INFRAMAT has extensive experience in supplying virtually all sectors of industries using galvanized pipes, ranging from infrastructure segments like roofing, fencing and cladding through furniture to automotive and more.

Our hands on approach to effectively assist our customers with each and every steel enquiry has a lot of benefits for industries throughout South India, especially Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Karnataka and Vijayawada.


There’s no age to learn.

INFRAMAT implements training sessions and discussions to our sales, marketing and technical staff on all such aspects. Our customers should experience this as a responsiveness to their requests which truly shows that we listen.

Learning is a skill we have made a central part of our organisation. A major contributor to what we know comes from customer feedback which is translated into internal training. We are always eager to listen to our customers and learn from them how and where we can change ourselves in order to serve them more effectively.


Solution Orientated.

Manufacturing and delivering GP Pipes efficiently is a technical challenge. We are inherently technically orientated. This makes us very useful partners for our customers to discuss their innovative ideas with.

Our hands-on approach to effectively assist our customers with each and every steel inquiry has a lot of benefits for industries throughout Kerala and Tamil Nadu and other parts of Southern India.

As the quality of our raw material, is the foremost criteria to produce a quality product, we ensure that we use 100 % JINDAL (JSW Steel) make Galvanized coil only.