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It’s not just about the product

Ambition, respectability, security and curiosity – we feel bound to these values. Ambition is what drives us. Since we want to provide our customers with outstanding solutions. We are a respectable company. This can clearly be seen in the security that we will continue to provide for our business partners, customers and employees into the future. Then there is our curiosity: We are excited about upcoming tasks and are open to new ideas. This is what prepares us for the future and guarantees that every ‘Made in India’ galvanized pipe is also a product of our principles.


Passionate about improvement

Ambition is an important driving force for us, since we want your company to be successful and want you to be satisfied with our products. That is why our employees systematically take a stand for improving quality and developing new products. We are not thwarted by unusual requirements, but encouraged by them. By continuously optimising processes and generating customer benefits, we enthusiastically work on broadening our own field of expertise, from steel production through to customer service. Because only the best is good enough, for us and our customers.


We aim to maintain sustainable customer relations

We are not simply out to make a quick buck. Instead, we want to play it safe for the future. Planning security is a deep-rooted aspect of our company. That is one of the reasons that our customer base consists of a wide range of customer relations, which have been in place and enjoying success for decades. You can count on us. Rash actions are not part of our vocabulary. You could say that forward-thinking, secure economic activity runs in the blood of our people.


Reliability is based on a solid foundation

Reliable, loyal and respectable are they – the people of Inframat. We don’t make a big song and dance, but prefer to rely on committed team players, who work in equal measure for both our company and our customer. Local employees have helped to write our company history of more than a century with healthy economic activities and well-thought-out decisions. Our focus has always been on looking to the future and adopting values that outlast short-lived trends and movements – just like the stability of any building depends on a solid foundation.


Always on the hunt for innovations

Standing still is a step in the wrong direction. We don’t sit back and make ourselves comfortable in prosperous times, but constantly remain curious in the hunt for new knowledge and ways that we can put this to use. We keep our eyes on new technologies, procedures, services and markets. Since it is only possible to progress successfully by looking at the bigger picture, beyond the borders of your own country. We go about this in close collaboration with our customers, constantly analyse and optimise existing processes and develop new products based on requirements. Steel pipes may be our forte, but curiosity drives to constantly find ways to improve in the field of materials, production, service and logistics.