IM Built to Last

As a specialist in galvanized, CRFH and other steel pipes and coils, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the product for our customers.


The foundation of a good pipe is its durability. Galvanized pipes must have strong anti-corrosion properties for them to be long-lasting.

While 120 gsm zinc coating prevents corrosion of the pipe, it is still susceptible to white rust. White rust is nothing but zinc oxide which forms when zinc is exposed to air, especially in coastal areas. This reduces both aesthetics and strength of the pipe over time.

DUROCOAT Technology


In search of better protection against rust, we designed and developed our DUROCOAT method. After the standard 120 gsm zinc coating, each IM pipe undergoes a unique rust-preventive coating process. This ensures that the pipes retain their original strength and beauty for a long time to come.


Structurally longer life

Bright, shiny, maintenance-free exterior finish

Superior corrosion resistance suitable for coastal weather

Layer 1

High strength cold formed steel

Steel pipes made by using finest raw material from JSW and TATA steel is further processed to provide extraordinary strength suitable for structural purpose.

Layer 2

99.99% pure virgin zinc coating

Our high strength cold formed steel pipes are coated with 99.99% pure virgin zinc through our in-house galvanizing process which assures guaranteed 120+ GSM zinc coating.

Layer 3

Chromating layer

The galvanized pipe is played with customized process to provide a layer of chromic acid which resists chipping of zinc and avoids corrosion.

Layer 4


IM galvanized pipes finally undergo a unique and DUROCOAT process which provides extraordinary anti-rust properties.


Superior performance

IM galvanized pipes perform better than competition in the Salt Spray Test.

Salt Spray Test is the internationally acclaimed test conducted to ascertain corrosion resistance of galvanized pipes. It helps to check the product quality and life.

Here are the results of the relative Salt spray test at 10 hrs and 25 hrs for galvanized IM rectangular pipe vs competition. IM pipes perform way better because of the in-house galvanized process where 120+ gsm zinc coating is strictly adhered to. In addition, the DUROCOAT process enhances its anti-corrosion properties.


10 hours neutral salt spray as per ISO 9227/ASTM B117


25 hours neutral salt spray as per ISO 9227/ASTM B117

ISI Certified Products




GI coils

We specialise in ISI certified, galvanized structurals for coastal areas.


I am pleased to have come across IM Galvanized pipes in recent years. As a product seller, I have consistently observed its excellent quality, and the innovative DUROCOAT technology has proven to be a compelling feature that attracts customers. We take pride in being dedicated dealers of IM Galvanized pipes.

Industrial Pipes & Roof Trading Co

I am thrilled with the outstanding quality of the product! The finishing and special DUROCOAT technology set it apart from the competition. The durability is impressive, and I’ve noticed significantly reduced scratches. This standout feature is sure to attract more customers to your exceptional products.


As a discerning customer, navigating the market for quality steels can be challenging, given the multitude of claims regarding product excellence. What sets IM apart for me is the distinctive DUROCOAT technology, enhancing the strength of their products and making them stand out in terms of quality and durability.

Madhu KV