IM takes care of it

At IM we follow a simple philosophy. We engage in a partnered relationship with each of our customers, whether it is once or repeat buyers. Unlike most manufacturers, we do not look at our job as delivery of the product, but ensuring that the customer has a frictionless experience.

The three principles of our service engagement.


We are particular about being there for you. This includes picking up calls, or calling back within 8 working hours. It means visiting you to understand your concerns and feedback, and delivering within committed timelines.


Responsiveness is empty without action. We are here to support you towards finding a solution. We will replace, repair, and innovate to ensure you have the best experience. Our sales staff is one call away.


We are not perfect, even though we are on a quest to minimise mistakes. If you or even we see an error from our side, rest assured we will do our best to address it for you. Transparency does not apply to existing practices. We are also on a mission to find new ways to ensure complete transparency – through product, packaging and delivery.

We are on your side

We cater to every service complaint, even if it is a complaint of one pipe. Our service team will come and visit you to address the issue. They will repair it there or if required we will provide a replacement.


We ensure what we ship is 100% as per the order. This means that the size you order is the one you receive. 


Orders are dispatched within 48 hours of receiving the order. We always maintain stock and have set up an efficient logistics system to cater to your requirements.


Transparent updates once the order is placed. We use SAP MIS, a best-in-class system. This allows us to send WhatsApp updates including invoice receipt, invoice number, driver number etc.


We have dedicated relationship managers for dealers and fabricators. Every district has an RM who is just one call away. They will also follow up and make regular visits to know if there is any concern or anything we can do better.


We also have a toll-free number for quick sales and service support. 


We support our dealers with in-shop branding. This includes boards, standees, flyers and merchandise like tshirts, paper weights etc.


We have innovated to have a tag with a barcode on each bundle. This makes for easy traceability in case of any complaint or missing product.


We are very proud of the packaging we have developed. In addition to being aesthetic, it is also completely automated, untouched by hand. This ensures there is no damage during loading and unloading.


At IM, we specialise in galvanized structurals: GI Pipes and GI Coils




Bus Bodies

PEB Structure

Solar Panels


Cable Tray